Ryan Edwards | rynokins@gmail.com
VH1 - Watch and Discuss Kiosk App

This Flash piece was set up to work on a tablet PC in a booth at parties where VH1 celebrated the launch of the new season of shows. They wanted to create something where users could preview the new shows and then record a 15 second clip of their own commentary, to be aired on VH1 at a later date. The design of the kiosk is in line with the website and other materials created for the show. There were - get this - NO revisions on design. Truly something rare when working with a client as large as VH1.
Notes: resized here for display purposes (original is 1024x768); video recording is disabled

-all animation scripted
-logging of user info in unique entries in a database
-recording of video, with opportunity for one do-over - each video saved with a unique timestamp
-vector logo animation
-signature recording screen which prints from flash in the background for legal clearance
-app checks to make sure all form fields are filled out and signature is made before user can advance

Other Work Performed:
-all design done by yours truly