The Philosophy

At Heirloom Wedding Studio we celebrate the art of wedding photography and are inspired by your stories of love, family and celebration. Our modern custom designed luxury coffee table books distinctly capture the romance and style of each individual wedding. Our philosophy is to deliver the best of style, elegance, beauty and sophistication with a highly customized point of view.

Heirloom Wedding Studio is the innovator of bringing brides and grooms the finest luxury coffee table books of this caliber anywhere in the world. Heirloom Wedding Studio is comprised of the best-in-class talent from fashion, design and photography. We have redefined the wedding album by capturing your personal style to tell your story in a coffee table art book.We represent an exceptional array of photographers who collectively elicit a modern and fashionable yet timeless style, transforming the wedding genre.

Our model is all about specialty and distinction. We treat each wedding uniquely to perfectly capture each couples cherished story, and design a curated heirloom to enjoy and share forever. From the thoughtfully precise photography editing process, custom typography design, selection of passages, printing materials and binding methods we uphold the highest standards. We believe that no two weddings are alike and the same applies to each of our timeless luxury coffee table books.

  • Photography by Tanya Arianne Malott

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