Ryan Edwards | rynokins@gmail.com
Archive of Animation projects I've been involved in

Rosie O'Donnell Show Open
- this is the show opeing animation for the Rosie O'Donnell Show, for which the team and I were nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award.

MTV: Freshmen Cartoon Promo 1
MTV: Freshmen Cartoon Promo 2
- I'm not sure if this cartoon ever aired, but it was fun to work on

NIKE: Hooptown - Episode 1
- this stencil-grafitti style animation was built in flash then brought into After Effects to match it up to the wall it was supposed to be animating on

Kenny The Shark - Episode 1 ROUGH (give this one a minute - it's a big file)
- one long summer in 2001, we built two episodes of 'Kenny the Shark' for Discovery Kids. the sad part about it is that they ended up going with a much uglier IMHO character design for the show which aired two years later. it's missing background sound, and is need of some serious editing, but this is what I have. these animations were all built to be aired on TV, so they're built at 30fps and all colors are NTSC safe. songs by PFFR

Kenny The Shark - Music Video
- in between the 12 minute episodes, there were to be music videos that were fun and informative. enter: MEGALODON.
...apologies for the horrible sound quality, this was the only file of this I could find in my archives.